Learning Journal In Rise

I built a cool Learning Journal feature for Rise that has been very well-received. I thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to a. use it or b. improve on it.


The Learning Journal allows the learner to enter text responses to journal prompts throughout a Rise course. At the end of the course, the learner can print their learning journal of all their responses. The responses are saved to the browser so that they persist on future visits to the Rise course.


Example Rise Course

HOW-TO Document

Learningjournal.js file (right-click and save)

Learningjournal.css file (right-click and save)

Project github site

I would love any feedback and help to improve the functionality and code.

Mike Amelang

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Lynda Kluck

Hi All, I'm working with a client that wants to have a journal feature in their Rise course that enables learners to add reflections and other information and then have the option to print or email to themselves afterwards. I've followed the steps in the doc/video, and despite going back and checking everything, my Rise course is still displaying the text blocks. Perhaps there's something I'm not seeing? Or something that changed in Rise? Has anyone used this recently or can help me troubleshoot? I've attached my text entries in case it is useful. This is how they are displaying in the published Rise course. Appreciate any insights. -Lynda

Rhonda McCullough

Great job! I have been using a Storyline essay question insert with a results page for them to print from, but Storyline won't save within a Rise course - which needs to be fixed, please -  so once they continue in the Rise course their comments/reflections are gone. Gonna try this and see how it behaves with Cornerstone.