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Dec 05, 2018


Firstly, Articulate recently implemented a small update to Rise. As a result, all new exports from Rise will need to include the most recent version of LearningJournal.js which is found at the usual link.

Secondly, at any time Articulate could update their code and bring a breaking change to the Learning Journal. Over a year ago, I shared this functionality freely with the community and the code comes with no warranty or support either implied or expressed. If at any time you want or need to remove the Learning Journal from your modules, simple remove any STATEMENT-NOTE entries that refer to the Learning Journal.

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I built a cool Learning Journal feature for Rise that has been very well-received. I thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to a. use it or b. improve on it.


The Learning Journal allows the learner to enter text responses to journal prompts throughout a Rise course. At the end of the course, the learner can print their learning journal of all their responses. The responses are saved to the browser so that they persist on future visits to the Rise course.


EDIT May 2019: At the request of a member of the forum, I created a HOW-TO video below that shows each step of the HOW-TO document in action.


Example Rise Course

HOW-TO Document

HOW-TO Video


Learningjournal.js file (right-click and save)


Learningjournal.css file (right-click and save)

Project github site

I would love any feedback and help to improve the functionality and code.

Mike Amelang

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Christina Heilig

Mike, this is great! Thank you for sharing. Would it be possible to add a Submit Journal button to send the responses to an LMS or course facilitator email address? Without the ability to report long-text responses to an LMS from Rise or Storyline blocks, I'm really searching for options. 

Mike Amelang


Option 1, Sending the Responses in an Email

I went ahead and created a version that adds an "Email My Journal" button to the Learning Journal. It opens up a pre-filled email and the user only needs to click send. (Rt-click and save the file)

Learning Journal with Email Button


Option 2. Sending the responses to the LMS

This would be great functionality. I personally don't know how to make that work. Here's some links, though, that will give you a start.

Javascript error and LMS

lmsAPI Functionality in HTML5 Output

Rise: How to Report Completion and Success Statuses to an LMS


Have fun journaling!


Mike Amelang


I'd be happy to help troubleshoot. Sections are used to organize journal entries upon printing. I can tell you that usually the issue is that the line in the Section Intro entry that reads  Section: <<insert your section here>>  has to match EXACTLY the corresponding line in all of the journal entries that belong in that section. This is how the code knows where to place the journal entries when printed.

Is it possible for you to share your elearn with me? Also, it may make sense to continue this over DM.


Cheryl Tyler

I have just uploaded using your code above.  In testing on first landing on the published page I did have the note boxes appear with the text before it seemed to catch up and change to the text boxes.  The delay a few times for 15-20 seconds which could cause some issues but I'll do some more testing. Have you come across this happening?   I had changed the background colour of the box but that is all, next I wanted to add in the email option and maybe take out one of the print buttons.

Mike Amelang


15-20 seconds delay is definitely not normal. I haven't heard of anyone experiencing that. And changing the background colour should not cause it. That's not what they mean when they say "that's a heavy colour." :) If you can you share with me your link directly, I am happy to troubleshoot.


Cheryl Tyler

Hi Mike, thanks for responding.  I have tried putting the file into another site and still get the delay.  It sometimes stays with the notes until the page is refreshed.  I have added the file to a default moodle site here  


User name and password = testuser 

The Rise version is here https://rise.articulate.com/share/UcxNeT09RGtfftWcT3h-vdl27LWmldMj 

I'd appreciate if you can see where I might have gone wrong.



Mike Amelang


The text box can be changed using the CSS in the LearningJournal.css file. Around line 21 you'll find the following code:

.journalentry-response {

These lines declare how tall and wide each journal entry text box will be. If you want the height of the text boxes to be bigger, change the value of  5em  to something larger, like  6em. Heck you could even go crazy and try  7em . It's almost Friday after all. ;)

Want to change the text size within the text boxes? Simply add another line called  font-size. Like so:

.journalentry-response {

Again, increase the value of  font-size  higher according to taste.

CSS is very powerful. Here is a link that shows how you can test CSS changes without reloading your SCORM.

Let me know if you have any other questions.