LinkedInLearning (nee, Opensesame, and?

So I'm looking for 3rd-party elearning content vendors. But the google is giving lists of content MAKERS. I'm attempting to find a few vendors on par with LinkedInLearning and OpenSesame (lots of software and business titles) to integrate with a (hopefully pending) LXP. I have the internal, operational stuff getting updated, but why, as a one-stop ID shop, should I have to "reinvent the wheel", right? Also, I don't have budget numbers in my ...power?

So if YOU have a LLL or OpenSesame or <OTHER> integration going on, numbers would also help. I tried asking LLL via email, and after 3 days of no response, I wound up calling. That got a person ID'ing themselves as a "sales rep" who then just made me an appointment with a "product specialist." (so many hoops!)

Apologies if this is out of scope for this forum. You all are just so wonderful (and NO that's not just to suck up to y'all) and you have lots of knowledge in many things both Articulate and <OTHER>.

I would very much appreciate fellow users experience(s).

Please and Thank You,





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Alison  L.

Ahhh. yes. That's the other one I've had forever. I was so glad when they
reduced their individual annual subscription.

Could you reveal they price paid for a group for O'reily.

3rd-party content price quotes . email / call, get a "sales rep", who wants
to make an appointment for "product specialist" . I still have no idea how
much OpenSes or LnkdLrn cost! And I started over a week ago.