Looking for an e-learning design document template

Jan 31, 2013

Hello all -- I am brand-new to this forum and this is my first post. I'm looking for a design document template that can be used to develop an e-learning course. I checked out the downloads section but I didn't see anything there. Specifically, I'm looking for a document that allows you to put your performance objectives down, then the content that serves to teach the desired performance and then the assessment that checks to see if the user has met the learning goals. This document would be at a higher design level than a storyboard document (although it might include storyboards) but more detailed than a project plan.

If anyone knows of a document like this that is available for download here, or if you have something that you have developed and use, I'd love to hear about it.  Thank you!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Paul and a warm welcome to Heroes.

This may be contentious, but if you are not yet at Storyboard level, why not just have a Word document with 2 x columns!

At this stage, you are trying to do a few simple things:

1> Define the learning objectives. So - you need to write down your audience, what they need to do, do better, stop doing.

2> The content will depend on your audience, budget, situation, politics etc., so there's too many things to write down. Have a discussion and write down the answers you come to after constructive debate.

3> You use the word "assessments". First of all - what will be the measure of success? Tests "at the end of a course" in many cases just measure short-term memory, not changed values, beliefs, behaviours etc. As that is the case, perhaps there is a better way to measure - perhaps on-the-job or quarterly results?. So have a discussion on possible measuring techniques, think beyond "the assessment". It may be that it IS the way to go, just do not assume that.

If you create your own document around these things, you will be much better placed to meet your needs and your environment.

I am sure a few will post examples/other thoughts, but that's my 2p worth.

Once again a warm welcome, and ask anything that you need.


Shikha Nasa

Hi....Thank You so much y'all for attaching these files. I am new to Intsructional Desiging and learning tools like Articulate and Captivate...I have been trying really hard to prepare my 1st ELearning Module/Course but not getting any sample or idea to start with. Please help me with some more sample documents or templates for high level and low level design and storyboard document. I would appreciate if I can be assisted with any Visual document of storyboard just to have an idea what all can be created. or good if i can be guided with any short diploma course to have better understanding of ID. Thanks in Advance.