New Template! 4 Variations of Course Notes in Storyline and Rise

Course Notes

This Storyline project demonstrates 4 ways to incorporate student notes in your next project; notes that can be dragged into position on-screen, notes that slide in using a scroll box, a global notepad and using notes in Rise. This project leverages the JavaScript library PDFMake to generate a PDF document that students can download and print, however, this project can also be used with an LMS to store note data.

You can now view and download the template from my site. I've also created a video to demonstrate the published output, review the build in Storyline and explain how the PDF document is generated. Have fun!

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Stephanie Harnett

Thanks all. I had just completed a project for a company in California that needed a refresh on PDF notes so thought I'd share the latest steps I had taken for this client solution. David / Tom - nice to hear from both of you. Summer is flying by, I'm having lots of fun with the family and our puppy (he's on instagram-