How can i make product knowledge training interesting?!! HELP!

Jun 19, 2017

Hi creative people!

I have be given an old out dated product knowledge training pack (essentially a powerpoint) to "revamp" and make suitable for our LMS.

My stakeholders would be happy for me to almost recreate the same thing, but despite my limited time frame, I'm determined to do at least SLIGHTLY better than the original (not hard tbh).

The drama is I have a whopping 40+ products to cover and each has a basic sentence on 6-7 areas (e.g. AKA, What is it, what does it do, What applications, Used with, etc.) and some have a very short video available too.

I fear avoiding a knowledge dump completely is just not possible, and a full scenario based situation will take too much time. So I'm hoping for an AWESOME design with cool interactions to keep the learners awake! (Perhaps not always the same on each product so they don't zone out?)

Does anyone have ANY ideas/examples/comments/words of support??!!!

Thanks in advance.


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Lucy,

What's the objective of this training course? Do learners need to memorize all the product information? Or do they just need to have a general overview of the products and what they do, and be able to reference more detailed information as needed? 

I would guess it's probably the latter, since it would be hard for them to memorize everything about 40+ products!

If that's the case, I would point out to your stakeholders that even if you put all that information in a course, it's highly unlikely everyone will be able to remember it all.

You could then suggest that it would be more beneficial to create a performance support course (that learners can reference as needed) or a shorter overview course with a job aid (a PDF for example) with all the information for reference.

Here are a couple articles that I think could be helpful:

Hope that's helpful! Let me know if there's anything else I can do.