Page Flip Transition

Hey Everyone,
Recently put together this page flip transition in Storyline. Wanted to get your opinions. It is very template driven so content fades in and out in a way that makes it very easy to edit. There is just a little next arrow to flip through other pages. Considered building a little paper rollup on the end and make that a button. Should there be a title bar always visible? Thanks for the feedback.

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David Charney

Hey everyone! So so sorry! These messages were all skipping my inbox due to a incorrectly setup filter so I didn't even see them. We made that template free for the week. Please download!

Glad you all like it! We had fun building it. Any other templates like this, or variations of this, you might find helpful?

David Charney

Thanks, Joanne! The process for getting that to work was the following:
Adjust, preview, didn't work. Adjust, preview, didn't work. Adjust,
preview, didn't work. Adjust, preview, didn't work. Adjust, preview,
worked! It was difficult to get everything to work together but I like how
it looks now that they do.

Appreciate the comments!

Terence Wong

Hi David,

I've downloaded your template (thank you!) and am trying to expand it beyond 4 slides. However, when I duplicate slides #2 or #3 to make more slides in the middle, upon playing the slide skips all the slides I've made, and simply goes to the last slide (slide 4 in the original template). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

David Charney

Hi Yvonne,

Glad you like the template. You might need to go to the layer called "Page Flip Animation" and change the triggers to say, for example, "Show layer Page NEW LAYER NAME if current Page is equal to NUMBER". This is where the pages are controlled. Each time you click the next button it adds 1 to the currentPage variable. So once you have it in place you can adjust this. Let me know if you need more help. Happy to help more.