Pen annotations while screen recording?

Nov 30, 2021

Does anyone have tips for how to screen record in Storyline 360 with freeform pen annotations? I'm imagining writing on the screen to illustrate my ideas and points while screen recording. It would be great if there are (free) programs that you all might recommend. Thanks!

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Sarah Hodge

Hey Vi! Thanks for posting your question here! I just wanted to chime in with a possible option for annotating. In Storyline 360, you use the timeline and add objects to achieve a similar effect. All you need to do is insert your audio onto a slide and then add any objects you want (e.g. text, icons, shapes, highlights, etc.). You can add entrance/exit animations to those objects for a smoother experience.  I personally like to click the play icon on the timeline and then use the keyboard shortcut “c” to add cue points where I want an object to enter/exit. Here’s a video that shows you how to do that. The video is a bit older, but it still works the same. 🙂 I hope that gives you some new ideas!