Personal career Development Curriculum

Apr 06, 2021

Hi Team!

I have been in L&D for about 3.5 years and fell into it accidentally. I love it and also feel like I have so much to learn. I have been informally mentored in some instructional design concepts by a coworker as well as have taken training in the Articulate suite from Yukon Learning and Tim Slade.  While this has been very helpful, I find there is so much I need to learn. I especially have a difficult time coming up with slide look and feel ideas. I have not had training in slide design or graphic design.

1. I am trying to develop a personal curriculum to keep getting better. If you were helping a relative beginner, what skills would you recommend they learn and in what order?
2. What recommendations do you have for learning to design beautiful slides and layout look and feels?
3. What are your favorite resources, courses, etc...?

I currently have access to LinkedIn Learning and just purchased the books Slideology and Visual Design Solutions.

Thanks in advance!

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