Preboarding course for new employees (prototype)

Mar 08, 2022

Hey everybody,

I have build a small preboarding course for new employees to welcome them in our company. I wanted to share a prototype version for inspiration with you.

Hope you like it. :)

German version: 

German version as a Microlearning (Update 2023/03/06): 

English version: 

English version as a Microlearning (Update 2023/03/06): 


Hallo zusammen,

ich habe einen kleinen Preboardingkurs für neue Mitarbeitende gebaut, um sie in unserem Team willkommen zu heißen. Eine Entwurfsversion zur Inspiration wollte ich auch mit euch teilen.

Ich hoffe es gefällt euch. :)

Deutsche Version: 

Deutsche Version als Microlearning (Update 06.03.2023): 

Englische Version: 

Englische Version als Microlearning (Update 06.03.2023): 

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Susi B

Hi Teresa. I missed having something like this when I started in my recent company, thats`s why I thought I`ll create something for our new colleagues I would have liked myself.

And Rise is very nice and easy to work with for something like this. Also easy to share with the Review link and a password. So even if you adjust some informations, they will always be up to date. ;)

David Atkinson

Nice work - I like it.

How will get around the welcome section 'Dear XXX,'? You could personalise each instance for the person using it easy enough. I'm thinking if lots of people are using simultaneously deployed on an LMS - you could import a Storyline block that requests the user to input the name then the variable is called at the next section to say 'Dear (name)'.

Susi B

Hey David,

we actually send it via share link to the individual person. In our pilot project we only used it in our small team, so this was pretty easy to handle. Also the course was only used for 1 - 2 months more frequently and after that wasn´t really needed anymore. We send it out about 3 weeks before the person started in our team, so there is enough time to get to know the team and see what will happen in the first weeks.

If you´re not taking this for a small team then I would have build it more neutral and probably without the "Dear XXX" part.

Janme mori
Clara Brandt

Great to read your post. Amazing pictures that you mentioned in your post, thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for the ideas. I'm new to Rising and I think your pre boarding course is fantastic.

HI Clasra Brandt, Many thanks for your valuable feedback. Actually these types of feedbacks give a strength to do more for your audience. Thanks again

Amy Byers

Yes, lovely job!  I've set my team to thinking about how we can use this for our New Hires.  We're a very large, global company so we'll have to genericize it in order to make it work, but what a great challenge!  I'll share any tips we figure out.  Thanks so much for the inspiration.  Your course looks GREAT!

Susi B

Hey Amy, I'm glad to hear you like it. I worked for a big company when I developed this. At first we used it only in our e-learning team. Later we made one for our department and put in more info about the company, but still kept the personal touch and showing real people who work there. :) I think it's important to not overload it with information you could easily get from your company website etc.