Priming the Pump - ELC - 368

Apr 17, 2022

Have you ever operated an old-fashioned well pump? Learn the lesson of the water pump in this "hands-on" interaction.

screen shot of old fashion water pump

This interaction is based on a classic speech by motivational speaker and sales trainer, Zig Ziglar. You can watch his speech after you complete the three steps.


A peek under the surface

Sliders and dials and sound effects. One step forward.  To simulate a pump we have the user move the dial up and down (from 0 to 12) by pressing the "U" and "D" keys.

Each key press adds one to the slider.  The value of the slider determines when the water will flow.

triggers for sliders dials and SFX

and two steps back.  Water pumps require consistent effort, if you stop pumping the water begins to go back down.  We simulate that here.

We use a motion path as a timer (1/2 a second) to determine when to make the slider move backward.

motion path timer

Are we making progress?

I initially used the slider itself as the progress bar, but I didn't like the look.  So I laid a shape over the slider and gave it progressive states, which I triggered based on the slider's value.

water level states

Want to learn more?  See the attached file to explore.

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