Print out the certificate without buttons on the screen

There are many ways to create a certification after a final quiz in Storyline. Matthew Bibby shared Six Ways to Generate a Certificate of Completion. But if you are like me preferring editing and viewing certification layout directly in SL and do not like adding extra files into storyline output file  after each time publishing. This is the article for you. 

Of course you can add a certification slide in SL. Other than the score, you will also need showing user name and date on the certification. 

You may already know that we can add a print button and have users print a slide with a simple JS code below:



But you will encounter the print icon also shown on the image. And that's definitely shouldn't be existed on a certification.

So here is how I get rid of  those buttons.

  1. Put buttons on another layer.
  2. Add a hide layer trigger before the print trigger.  

That's it.


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