Returning to Work after covid-19 training materials.

Apr 24, 2020

Have any of you started researching or working on any materials related to returning to an office after covid-19? If you have, would you be willing to share some insight?

If you could also provide the type of company you work for and the size that would be appreciated?

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Maurice Porter

Hello Sarah and Amanda,

I would like to develop content to make available to staff returning to work at our Manufacturing plant during CV19 outbreak. For example PPE worn in a given situation, measures introduced such as 2 metre rule. Also one way walkway to avoid staff passing each other, markers on the floor depicting 2 metre distance lines for lining up for mealtimes etc. Safe parking in car park during CV19, there will be much more content to add no doubt.

Michael Newboult

We have been asked by a few clients if we can develop such a course. We are holding off until the UK Government announce what the return to work rules will be. The general consensus is that it should be a short, punchy, factual piece with easy to follow guidelines, although we've also been asked to produce some 'reassurances' pieces too. It's worth considering whether there will be regular changes to the guidance. We created several Pandemic Awareness courses and found we were updating them for clients on an almost daily basis.

Michael Newboult

For me, it's been mostly requests for resilience courses. Not so much about the physical practicalities of returning to the office and more about the psychological upheaval. I'm also getting lots of requests for 'managing remote teams' and it seems that many of my larger clients have decided not to return the the office and have embraced home working as the 'new normal'.