Roll the Dice Game

I know we all have seen this game before. I just wanted to share my example and thoughts about it. It uses a dice roll that randomly generates a number between 1 and 6 and then directs you to one of the total six questions. Why only 6? Because dice has only 6 numbers. If you roll a dice and get a number 5 it doesn't feel right for me to send you to question 8. If have more questions I would probably show two dices and increase a random number to a value between 1 and 12. I also know there is a way to limit how many times a certain number is rolled. If I have done that then it would not be a random number anymore. It doesn't happen in the real world. In this scenario, when a certain number is rolled again after the question was answered right, a popup message will let you know that. If you have answered this question wrong, when the same number is rolled you will have a chance to answer the same question again. There is a total of 18 attempts to answer all questions right. However, after 12 attempts, a dice roll will force set a number(s) associated with questions that you struggle with the most. For instance, if you have answered 4 questions right with 2 questions left (eg. 3 and 5), with only a few attempts left, numbers 3 and 5 will be force set so you can still have time to provide correct answers and successfully complete the game. Hope someone will find this concept helpful. If there are any questions or improvement suggestions, please let me know.

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Bianca Woods

Hi Den,

Thanks for sharing this new take on a dice rolling interaction!

In my playthrough I definitely appreciated that eventually the dice rolls shifted to fully random to force setting numbers based on the questions you haven't gotten right yet. How did you set up the interaction to make that shift mid-way through?

Den Miden

Hi Bianca,

Set the dice throws counter and determine the point where your game may get annoying :)
In my case, 12 throws is a breakpoint where the dice rolls are shifting from fully random to force setting. If the dice throws number is greater than 12, a function will start checking which questions are still unanswered or answered wrong. If conditions are met, force set the dice number to a number of these questions in the order you like. I attached an example of a trigger that does this work. You may wanna use only "QxAnswered" boolean variable in a condition if a question only need to be answered but not validated.