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Amanda Coliette

Amanda Coliette said:

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has a sample corporate induction e learning template or course to share.

I have to build this corporate induction for which i have content in a word document and not sure where to start .

Any suggestions and sample to share .


Travis Wickesberg


Someone can correct me if I'm wrong (yes it happens), but it's like an e-learning course for new employees who can't make the in-person event (if one exists). It's basically a business overview with some intros, org charts, process info, stuff that you would need to know your first few days/weeks.




Amanda Coliette

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply.

Its right as Travis said. it's an e-learning course for newemployees which involves business overview with some intros, org charts,process info, Compliance, Corporate Structure, overview ofdifferent business areas where different department heads in the organisation comeand address the new group, emergency evacuation procedure and an evaluation.

I have the training material prepared in a worddocument and have to convert it into e – learning course.

I was wondering if I can get some examples to getstarted or any suggestions on how to proceed to create the e-learning course.