Storyline Magic Series - A New Video Tutorial Series Launched on YouTube!

Mar 23, 2022

Storyline Magic Series Poster

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share a link to a new tutorial series that I recently launched on YouTube aimed at Articulate Storyline360 developers looking to better their skills in areas like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In each episode I'm going to demonstrate the cool things that can be achieved in your projects with the use of some coding tricks both within Storyline360 itself as well as to the published project source files. Whether you are new to this sort of thing, or are a Storyline expert looking to expand your knowledge, the series is designed for developers of any skill level!

I'm going to be keeping this discussion post up to date with each new episode that is released in the series, so be sure to the click the 'Subscribe' and 'Bookmark' button above to be notified of future updates!

There'll also be a synopsis for each episode in the comments below.

Thanks for watching and I absolutely welcome your feedback, questions, or requests for topics of future episodes!


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Chris Hodgson

Episode 2 - Control A Scrolling Panel Using JavaScript

In this episode I will demonstrate how you can control the position of any scrolling panel object that you may have in your Articulate Storyline project, using either a timeline based trigger, or a button click by the user.

Chris Hodgson

Episode 4 - localStorage And Articulate Storyline

In this episode I will demonstrate how you can take advantage of the Web Storage API (localStorage) in order to easily and quickly transfer user variables from Storyline into other browser tabs (containing dynamic form fields, such as an end of course survey or questionnaire). 

Chris Hodgson

Episode 5 - Episode 5 Using Custom xAPI Statements In Practice

In this episode I will demonstrate how to put some of the new Custom xAPI Statement trigger  features (added to Storyline 360 earlier this year) to use in a practical way by building a customised LMS and LRS (Learning Record Store) platform using LearnDash and Uncanny Owl's Tin Canny Reporting solution.

Chris Hodgson

Bonus PowerPoint Episode! - Create A Hand-Drawn Animation Effect Using PowerPoint

Using Microsoft PowerPoint you can create hand-drawn animations which can be exported for use in your eLearning content built in Articulate Storyline 360. This video tutorial will take you through all of the steps to take in order to achieve this effect.

Chris Hodgson

Episode 7 - How To Create Interactive Content Using 360° Video

Although at time of recording the ability to add 360° Video into the 360° Interactivity Tool in Storyline isn't possible, I will show you how we can achieve this by customising the published project files at code level. This allows you to create interactive 360° experiences using any 360° video!

Chris Hodgson

Bonus AI Episode! - I Created A New Storyline Quiz Template Using ChatGPT and Midjourney!

Open AI technology like ChatGPT and Dall-E 2 are generating a lot of excitement right now, and for parts of the Storyline 360 development workflow there are several opportunities for how this technology can modify both the visual design and web programming process.

In this video I wanted to put these solutions to the test by building a new quiz-question UI template with all major complexities in the process handled by one of these amazing AI tools.

Chris Hodgson

Episode 8 - Creating Automation Using The YouTube Player API

In this packed episode of our Storyline Magic Series I am going to demonstrate many practical examples for how we can use the YouTube Player API to design automation within our Storyline project. This includes all of the coding and advice for creating your own triggers including when a video has paused, ended, getting the current player timestamp, and even how to only play a small section of a much larger video!

Chris Hodgson

Episode 9 - Building 3D Parallax Hover Effects Using Tilt.JS

In this episode I provide a comprehensive walkthrough for how to get the Tilt.JS library working in your Articulate Storyline projects.

Doing so will give you the ability to create impressive looking 3D parallax hover effects for your grouped images, as well as many other styles of rollover effect that are possible with Tilt.JS