Storyline test variables

Hi. I need to change test functionality in a Storyline course so that:

On the first fail, show a Retry Test button and learners can retake the exam.

On the second fail, show a Retake Course button and learners must go back to the beginning of the course, complete the entire course and retry the test.

On third and subsequent fail, they must retake the course from the beginning and retry the test. They get unlimited tries to pass, but must retake the entire course on each try.

What is the best way to go about setting this up?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Joanne Chen

Hi Cat, you can do as follows:

  1. Set a Number type variable called "ApplyExam" at the result slide, and have the initial value equal to zero.
  2. Have the initial state of Retry button to be hidden, and set a trigger to change its state to be normal when user fails the exam. (So user won't see retry button when passing)
  3. Set a trigger adding 1 to the value of variable "ApplyExam" when users click the retry button.
  4. Set a trigger to retake the exam(jump to first slide of the exam) in the condition of variable "ApplyExam" equal to 1 when clicking on the retry button.
  5. Set a trigger to jump to the beginning of the course in the condition of variable "ApplyExam" greater than or equal to 2 when clicking on the retry button.


Emily B

Hi! I‘d like to try this out. TY for sharing.


For Step #2 - What do you specify to create this trigger?

This is what I added so far: 

Action: Change state of

Object: Retry - Retry Quiz

to Normal 

When -  ? What should I add?

Object  - ? What should I add?

Conditions  - ? What should I add?