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Thaddeus Ashcliffe

I like the look even if the sound effects are a bit too loud, and get annoying quickly. 

For a few questions there are not as good answers vs best answer.  How to avoid getting the flu for instance has valid ways to avoid the flu that we have been trying to teach them.   The last thing I want is for people to think oh we don't need to do those things anymore.

Tracy Carroll

Thank you for your comments, Thaddeus.

The information for the quiz questions & answers comes from a couple of sites I included in the Resources: CDC Prevent Seasonal Flu & 10 Flu Myths from Harvard Medical school.

The feedback for the question about the best way to prevent the flu says: "The flu vaccine is the first and best way to prevent influenza. It's also good to avoid contact with sick people, and wash your hands frequently."

I believe that's an accurate representation of the information from the CDC, and I don't think it tells people they don't need to avoid sick people or wash their hands. In fact, it says the opposite.