There's got to be a better way to do variables than what I've done...

I really just needed the slide to work so I created a True/False variable for each marker but then I had to create 5 unique triggers because I couldn't think of a better way to use those variables to change the state of the hidden button. 

Basically I want to make it so that, no matter what order a user clicks the markers, once they've all been clicked, the Continue button appears. I'm certain there's a better way to do this...

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Tom Kuhlmann

As always, there's a bunch of ways to do things. Using states instead of variables is easier. Add a visited state to each marker. Then use a trigger to change the state of the button to normal when the states of all the markers are visited.

Thaddeus Ashcliffe

One approach that i've used occasionally is conditionally incrementing a variable.

Say for instance I wanted to do a pretest where the user would skip/complete any section they pass. 

Create a Target variable for each section: Goal_section#. 
Then create a tracking variable that is based on the uses actions: Score_Section#.   
Then have trigger fire when Score_Section# is equal or greater than Goal_section#.
       So long as you control then tracking variable updates you can use this method to set your triggers.