This weeks project was to build a timed activity using the new built in clock counters.

My interaction started with a search of 360 degree photos and illustrations and morphed into a "find the gift" game.


Using storylines 360 image insert, I added some hot spots and triggers to either move between slides or adjust items in the inventory.

360 image triggers

The inventory is a box filled with the items we want to find.  Their initial state is hidden unless their variable is "true". (initial state is "false")

Each room has a semi-transparent bar displaying the elapsed time in the game and the elapsed time in the room.  These are new built in variables that Storyline just added.

This inventory slide also counts the visible images to determine if the player has won (20 gifts found).


Once all 20 gifts are collected the "You Win Layer is Shown" displaying the total time it took.

If you want to learn more about how this was built, please feel free to download the storyline file.

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