Tracking actual question and matching answer from course - how to ... ???

Jul 15, 2022

We are wanting to be able to track actual questions with actual answers within a course. An example might be:

1. Do you understand how to use a fire extinguisher? (question)

2. Yes (actual answer entered and also "captured" for review later)

If a course had three questions, can we uniquely capture each with the actual answer and be able to "report on both"?

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Sarah Hodge

Hello FGCU Workday Learning Team! Thanks for posting your question here! When you publish your Storyline course for LMS, you have access to a number of question details depending on which standard you're using. Here's what each offers. Also, I'm no LMS expert, so hopefully someone in the community might have more info to share on what those reports looks like. 

Sandeep Gadam

Hello FGCU Workday Learning Team!

Yes, you can accomplish this by giving distinct variables to each question and the actual answer options. To accomplish this, therefore, create a new text variable and add the necessary question text as well as the actual answer alternatives to another variable.

Create a new slide in Storyline and give it a name. In this slide, display all the question variables and the corresponding answer options variables in the desired order. Irrespective of user selected answers, the actual answer as per your requirement will be displayed in this case. You can also display the user selected answers along with the actual answers, so that user can go through the answer they have submitted.

I've attached a sample file including both the options (Option 1: track actual questions with actual answers and Option 2: track actual questions with actual answers and user selected answers)

Hope this is what you're looking for.

Thank you!!