Hi Team

I have a slide that has 9 places the user must click before moving on.  Each click has the following attached:

  1. Jump to a specific slide
  2. Change the state of once clicked
  3. And variable set to true once clicked

Once all 9 of these have been clicked, I then want to move to another slide.  However this is the part that is not working.  I have attached to the 'next' button, the 9 variables to be true before allowing it to move on.  However it won't move on.

I'm hoping someone will be able to diagnose where I have gone wrong, as I'm a 'one man team' here and I have no one to ask.

Thanks in advance and I've attached my file

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Helen Dudley

Hi Melissa

I had a similar problem a while ago and one of the Articulate team solved it for me. What you do is create another true or false variable and then use this variable to trigger the next slide action. And this new variable only changes to true when the other triggers are true. So your trigger would be something like the triggers below. In my activity I wanted to show another layer but it could just as easily be jump to next slide.

Hope this helps.



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Melissa Sanburg

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your response.  This made sense in my head, but I'm still obviously doing something wrong as I can't make that to work.  Not saying your suggestion is wrong, more I'm missing something.  

I made the another True/False variable.  Added this to the "When users click next" and made all 9 triggers to be true before moving on.  

I can't see your image which is probably not helping.

David Tait

Hi Melissa,

I've made a couple of tweaks to your trigger order and attached an updated file that seems to work.

To fix the issue I have moved the triggers that set each of the nine variables to True, to the top of the order. In short, what was happening was that when a button was clicked, the user was jumping to the linked slide before the 'Set variable to True' trigger was firing.

I hope that makes sense.