Mouse disappear when recording on external screen

Dec 01, 2021

Hi all,

Here's my situation :

I have a laptop with a really small screen and 2 external screen link to it.

My mouse just disappear when I do my recording on one of my external screen. It works fine on the laptop screen, but I can't do the recording on it as the app I want to record can't fit in it.

I already tried the solution that were suggested on other threads (repair peek 360, unplug/replug the screens, reboot computer...)

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Thibault. 

Thank you for reaching out!

I noticed you were working with Robert in a case related to Peek 360, so I added those comments to the case so Robert can reach out to help you troubleshoot. That way, we keep all the information in one spot.

You should hear from our team soon via e-mail!