Audio won't play in Articulate Review

Dec 04, 2017


I've created a course in Articulate 360, when I played the publish copy everything was fine. I sent it for a customer review, and the sound is not there. I published again, and tried again and still no sound. I also tried going into my tray and check the mute on speakers and everything seems fine

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Lizzie Angell

I am having audio problems. My audio worked fine last week, then this week none of the audio plays in the review tool. 

I originally thought the problem had occurred when I tried to put 2 audios on the timeline (Friday afternoon) as this is when the audio stopped working, but I have tried allsorts of triggers but it doesn't play. - Only when I read the posts here did I check the whole project and have found all screens now not playing the audio!


OK literally retested before sending this post out and it seems to be working again!????

Lizzie Angell

ok so now in the Review tool a play button appears before my course, and when clicked everything appears to work ok, but then I published a test web output version (as this is not going on an LMS) and the audio on the first screen does not work at all in Chrome

It seems to work fine in IE.

I have tried triggers and not triggers, I have now combined the two audios in to one track in a separate program, but nothing seems to make the audio work in Chrome  

Lizzie Angell

Hi Kaitlin - after a lot of faffing I did get the review tool link to work (though the publish still does not) if you just need the review tool, double check you have updated Storyline 360 - I also restarted my machine.

If it is working you should have a play button on the front of the course that you have to click before you get to see it

Jorge Maldonado

We're with you Kaitlin! A coworker of mine published a course to Articulate Review and the audio does not work in Chrome. Better yet, when you open the same course, using the share link, in Edge, the course's audio works, but then you're prompted to sign in ever comment you make. Thoughts? 

Deneille Walters

Hey everyone,

Just an update to my earlier post: if you open up your course in Articulate Review and leave it for about 10-15 minutes, the audio MAY start working. Still incredibly annoying and not ideal when you have client's trying to review work, but hopefully offers a temporary solution for some

Craig Lutz

Yes, I noticed that recently. Not sure what changed with Chrome but Articulate needs to get this fixed ASAP.

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Joe Candido

OK I see the Articulate update is working, but is there still a problem with all of my existing courses that were published before Articulate made the update. Will they run? I haven't asked my clients yet but I suspect they are going to tell me existing courses no longer work with Chrome. I have hundreds of courses. Am I suppose to republish all of them and have my clients reload the new versions in their LMS? Or maybe this problem doesn't exist when publishing to an LMS ala SCORM 1.2 ?  Does anyone know?