Audio won't play in Articulate Review

Dec 04, 2017


I've created a course in Articulate 360, when I played the publish copy everything was fine. I sent it for a customer review, and the sound is not there. I published again, and tried again and still no sound. I also tried going into my tray and check the mute on speakers and everything seems fine

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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Tanya. Sorry you're running into that!

I'd love to help, and have a few questions to help us with our next steps:

  • What authoring tool are you using to publish to Review 360?
  • Would you mind sharing your project file and Review 360 link so we can try to replicate the behavior in IE11 and Chrome? You can share it publicly here, or send it to us privately by using this upload link. We'll have a closer look, and will delete it when we sort what's happening!
Katie Riggio

Hi, Ruth. So sorry the audio isn't working right in IE! 

I'm not seeing any reported issues of this yet, but that's ok! Could I grab what version of IE11 you're using? And if you're comfortable with sharing your project file, I'm happy to test it. You can share it publicly here or privately by using this upload link. I'll delete it after a thorough look!

Angela Treosti

I just wanted to post here that I am having the same problem with my course created yesterday. It was created via SL360 in Chrome. And I'm attempting to play in Chrome. It's only the latest version that is giving me a problem. I've tried republishing multiple times. Could this be an internet speed issue? Sometimes the web gets clogged here at Capital One and things are slow. I'm wondering if that might be related to this problem?? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

Are you using the latest version of Chrome (ver 79) or the latest version of Storyline 360 (update 36) or both? I'd want to have our team test out your Review 360 link to be sure. How does the rest of the course play? If you can include the Share link here from Review we can give it a test, or you can connect with our Support Team here! 

Some other things to test out while our team takes a look:

  • How does it play in any other browsers? Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.
  • Can you test it from another internet/network connection? 
  • Did you notice any playback issues in Preview? What about publishing it to Web and uploading somewhere else, like to Tempshare.

Let us know - and we'll be standing by to help test too! 

Wayne Judd

Hi, same thing for me. Was this ever resolved or is it a browswer issue? I find I have to actively click on the speaker icon set up in the player and click the slide control for audio to work on review as it doesn't come in automatically. Viewing the same review course on a phone rather than laptop and everything works fine ... strange.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Wayne!

We don't have any current reports for audio not playing in Review 360 so we'll need to do some investigating!

I've tested a course with audio in Review 360 in Chrome and the audio is playing on my end.

Which browser are you using when viewing the course in Review 360? Would you mind also sharing the Review 360 link so I test it on my end?

Wayne Judd

Hi Lauren,

When the link opens in Chrome - that's when I get the issue. Unfortunately, Chrome is the defailt browser in our organisation. If I copy and paste the link into Internet Explorer the audio works fine. In the example below, there is no audio on the first slide but it is set up to play atomatically on all subsequent slides:




Ren Gomez

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for following up and sharing your course link! I tried it out in Google Chrome, and everything worked well on my end, though I did notice a bit of a lag at the beginning of the two slides I tested.

Is this what you're expecting? Try ensuring you're on the latest update of Chrome, or if you'd like some tailored support, feel free to connect with a support engineer, and they can take a closer look at your setup.

Bob Mongiovi

I've been having similar issues, with audio playing in IE, but not Chrome.  Chrome was inconsistent.  I noticed while it's silent, and I click on the screen, the audio started.  Not sure if it's a focus issue.  

I ended up putting a silent audio file on the first slide, which prompted the play button at the beginning, which gives the course focus, and audio played fine on Chrome after that.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Bob!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like the audio isn't playing in Chrome unless you click on the slide first. Is that correct?

If so, I'd love to take a look at the file so that we can see what might be causing the snag! Would you mind attaching the file to this discussion by using the Add Attachment button? If you prefer to share the file privately, here's a secure upload link.

Either way, we'll take a look and share what we find!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Caddi!

Sorry for the trouble! Have you tried using a different browser like Chrome or Edge?

If using another browser isn't this fix, then here's a quick troubleshooting step to try:

  • Import the audio into a new Storyline 360 project. Publish to Review 360 and see if the audio plays. If it does, then I'd recommend removing the audio from the file and then importing it again. 

If the audio still isn't playing in a different browser or after reimporting, then we'll want to take a look at the project. Here's a private upload link where you can share the .story file with us.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gloria and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you're experiencing a similar issue. It sounds like you're using Storyline 360 to publish to Review 360.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your .story project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Lee May

I'm currently experiencing this issue at the moment. I published a SL for Review and audio doesn't play at the beginning. It works normally in Review on mobile devices but not on my laptop on Chrome (Version 96.0.4664.45 (64-bit)). Would the type of audio in SL affect this? Or would it be the internet/lag issue?

Luke Barrett

I'm having the same issue when testing in Review in both Chrome and Edge. By default, the audio is silent, but if I click the screen, the audio starts. Have never had this issue before today and appear to be running the latest versions of all software.

Update (17th June): The initial Storyline file I was working with had no audio on the opening slide, and when I viewed the course in Review, the course played by default. I've now added audio to the opening slide and when I republished to Review, I was required to click the 'Play' button to launch the course (which is typically what happens for me in Review). Additionally, the audio is now playing. I can only assume that - in my case anyway - not having audio on the opening slide was causing the issue. For others, if you don't want audio on the opening slide, it might be worth adding a silent audio track to the opening slide anyway to see if that fixes things.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Luke.

Thank you for sharing your experience and solution!

Some modern browsers no longer allow audio to autoplay. The browser will expect the user to click if you have audio on the first slide or set it to advance automatically. 

One workaround is the one you mentioned: insert silent audio on the first slide to trigger the Play button. Another one is to set the first slide (or the slide that comes before the one with the audio) to advance only when learners click a button or interact with it in some way.

Let me know if you have additional questions!

Laurianne Horner

As per usual...all of these posts are from years ago. Just like the above user, I can hear my audio and everything is working perfectly in preview, but when I publish to Review, the audio does NOT play for my second slide. I need to be able to publish to Review to bring this block into a Rise course.

Laurianne Horner


Actually, it did resolve after I made some changes I did not want to make, and it worked fine when previewing in Rise. However it did not function properly once published to Review. I found another work around but am curious what might be going wrong. Also, my test users in Review are encountering playback errors, which is very strange, i.e. not being able to advance through the knowledge check or having questions marked incorrect that are clearly correct.

Laurianne Horner