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William Grove-Fanning

I too would like the ability to delete previous versions in review for when I share a project with a client.  As things stand, the client can review all versions of a project by clicking the versions arrow.  This does not disappear as far as I can tell when making a copy of the course--all of the versions associated with the copied-from course are visible in the new course.  Thanks!

William Grove-Fanning

Just figured something out that may help others.  Duplicating an Articulate Review course brings the review history (all previous versions of a project).  But duplicating the course itself, prior to publishing it to Articulate Review, cleans out the previous versions.  

So if you want to send a project to clients for review but don't want them too have access to a project's previous versions:

  1. Duplicate the course.
  2. Publish the new course to Review and share this link with the client.


Julie Taylor (Superseded)


Not so much a reply as a plea for help on a related issue...
I have somehow managed to publish a couple versions with feedback of the same course into Reviewer is there anyway to merge the feedback all into the one most updated version of the file? Hope someone can help

thanks Julie 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julie!

You'll have two options when publishing to Articulate Review:


  • Create a new item:¬†With this option, you'll create a new item in Articulate Review with a new URL. Comments on the original item won't carry over.
  • Publish a new version of an existing item:¬†With this option, comments roll forward with each new version, so you‚Äôll see comments for the version you selected and all versions before it. The URL to the items remains the same.

If you want comments from the original version carry over to all new versions, you'll want to use the Publish a new version of an existing item option!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Julie! 

Articulate Review¬†has¬†folders¬†to organize your content,¬†and that includes the Deleted Items folder.¬† When you delete an item, it can't be opened or viewed.¬† You can restore it at any time, and version history and feedback remain intact.¬† ¬†Just don't empty¬†the Deleted Items folder.¬† ūüėČ