Is it possible to set Articulate Review to hide other people's comments?

Feb 08, 2019

Hello everyone,

I'd like to know whether is possible to set Articulate Review so that one person can't see other people's comments.

While the project is ongoing I do the usual evaluation on Articulate Review and for this purpose it's ok that all SMEs can see what others said. After this phase, once all the elements are finalised, the course will be evaluated by a large pool of testers within the company (in addition to the SMEs that participated in the course development) before being uploaded on the company's LMS and made available for their personnel. 

For this "beta version" I don't want people to see what others said on every slide. I searched for an answer to my problem in previous discussions but I didn't find anything related to this specific matter and it appears that it's not really possible.

The only alternative I see would be to upload the course on Articulate Review disabling comments and create an online survey (with google modules for example) but I'd really like to be able to use Review for this purpose, as people could actually see the course and post comments at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your help! 


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Rosaria Marraffino

Hi Crystal,

thanks for your quick answer.

I have more than 30 people involved in this beta testing so, yes, it is unreasonable to publish that many versions. I was hoping there would be a workaround of some sort but surely this one's not an option I can consider.

Thanks anyway!

I don't know if other people have had the same situation before and found another alternative solution, if yes I am all ears.



Lauren Connelly

Hello Jeffrey!

Great question! The comments that have been resolved and future comments won't be included in the email. However, reviewers can see these comments, both resolved and unresolved, by visiting the Review link. I recorded a short demo of what this looks like from the Reviewer and Author's view. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Penny Spacht

Count me in too!  Occasionally we have a SME who by nature is negative.  You know the kind who thinks the water isn't wet enough.  We don't want them to influence the group as a whole.  While sometimes we can give a separate link it doesn't always make sense - especially rolling out a large curriculum that has a lot of parts.  

Chris Roetzer

+1 on functionality to have private and public comments. Its a common UI we're all used to, say in Slack or in a Zoom/Teams meeting, right? "Send a message to only one person or to the whole room".

I'd recommend the UI allow the commenter to designate it (perhaps default to public but can set it private).

Further, assuming the reviewer sets up an Articulate ID, that the course owner or perhaps anyone on the team license can adjust the permissions of a reviewer such as to designate them only private. This could be for the Negative Nancy's or perhaps if someone makes a dark turn in the review process, they could be muted by flipping them to private.

Lastly, comment level adjustment: The publisher (anyone on the team license really) could update a comment already made that's public to 'hide' by flipping it to private. Look at me with all these free UX recommendations. That we may not get lol.

Or maybe even allow an option if the commenter is set to private, they can still comment and request it public. The course owner could accept the public request to open up the comment for visibility or ignore or decline and the comment stays private to owner/team.