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Ren Gomez

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for reaching out! As Ashley stated above, Review 360 doesn't have the same option to transfer ownership as Rise 360 does.

You published the course to your Review 360 dashboard, which should still be active and contain the comments. If your team member publishes that transferred course to Review 360, it will be a new instance of the course and will have no comments to start with.

I appreciate you sharing a need for being able to transfer Review comments as well when you transfer a course and will share this with my team. We'll be sure to jump in here when any changes have been made to the team collaboration features!

Andreas Kuswara

I just hit this problem now...

I inherited a course mid review process; the original owner was moved to a new project. I am actioning the revisions. In the next review cycle, when I publish this course to Review 360, the reviewers will not be able to see their previous comments. It seems to be crucial for them to remember what they have said six months before.

So now... what option do I have? They have to use Alt-Tab or open the review using the link from the previous version on another browser window and place it side by side with the new review and eyeball the difference.

It's a rather messy solution. I can export the comment from the previous version, but I can't import comments to the new version. I can't ask the original owner to transfer ownership of the published review from her Review 360 to my Review 360. So I can't publish my new version on top of her old version. 

Michelle Mata

I would love to see an option to transfer the Review 360 history to another team user as well. A team member started work on a course and has received feedback, yet I have the .story file now and would need to publish a new Review 360 instance that does not contain the development and review history. Please make this feature available.

Antje T.

I have successfully transferred all my projects to my colleague. The only way to do so is to give up your own seat in the team license, then you are being asked if the content needs to be reassigned to another team member. My colleague now has a new folder on her/his/their review page. While this means giving up all your current projects, it's at least an option to not loose the comments if somebody is leaving the team.
I hope this at least helps some of you. 

Chris Bamber

Any update from Articulate on team sharing or transfer of projects in Review360?
As a new comer I am taking on some projects from an existing colleague, I am amazed that I can't take over the same links from the previous account, particularly given the 'Teams' and 'Collaboration' I read about on the website when I started.
Changing the links is not an option due to volume and the chain of people reviewing the projects.
We also can't use the Transfer All option by removing the previous team member as they have many other projects on their account.

Ren Gomez

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your need for managing your projects as a team. In the discussion below, I've shared some high-level planning our team is doing in 2021 as we look to improve team capabilities for Review 360. We'll be sure to keep this discussion updated as we move forward with this goal.

Jaclyn Langenwalter

Hi there, my colleague is no-longer a member of the team. Before her license was reassigned, she shared all of the courses and content she created. I have all of her courses in my 'Review 360' but for instance, her Rise 360 courses only exist for me to see in 'Review 360'. Is there anything I can do to get the courses out of limbo? I need to make changes and transfer ownership. Please respond with possible solutions. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Jaclyn,

Did your colleague only share links to these courses, or was her content transferred upon removal?

If the content was transferred to you, you should be able to spot a separate folder with her name on it in your Rise and Review 360 apps.

If the content wasn't officially transferred, connect with our support team, and they'll be able to share some guidance on how you can access it!

Jaclyn Langenwalter

I was able to reach out to support for help. There is a feature that allows you to transfer content. My issue was that the person left the team already and I couldn't find the content that was transferred. It turned out that the content was transferred to another member of my team. I love these forums, but honestly reaching out to support was and always has been fast and effective. Best of luck! :)

Chris Bamber

Indeed, when someone leaves you can assign all of their published content to another user. What would be really useful is to choose certain content to assign to another user, or allow any member of a team to upload a revision to any course within the team space without the links changing.