Review 360 Error

Oct 12, 2021

When publishing to Review 360, the course gets through the processing but I get an error publishing to Review 360, check your internet connection.  My internet connection is fine, I'm running 5G - this is happening to several courses I'm trying to publish in Review 360 so I can send out for review from our SMEs.  Any thoughts on why this may be happening?  I'm publishing to a new item.



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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Kathy!

Happy to help here! I published to Review 360 successfully just now, and I don't see any reported incidents.

This article covers some reasons and solutions to try. If those don't help, let's try these steps:

  • Reboot, and sign out and back into your desktop app for Articulate 360. 
  • Try a simple repair of Storyline 360. 

Let me know if any of those tactics help; I'll be here!