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Is there any way to remove the Articulate Logo and link (top left) in Review 360?  And, is it possible to have a custom link not showing the Articulate name?  While Review 360 is a wonderful tool, I do not want to make it easy on my customers to find the name of the tools I use. 

If I were not a paying customer of Articulate, then it would be understandable for you to market the product in this manner.  Some large corporations use small companies to develop training and some large companies have their own training development department who sometimes contract the overflow out.

Articulate does plenty of marketing in other areas for my clients to find out about your products.  Why try to woo them away from your customers who are paying for your product?  It just doesn't seem right.  I feel you are basically saying "Articulate is willing to take business away from some of Articulates customers with the hopes of adding more profits to their bottom line."

If one of my customers is looking to bring training development in-house, they will find Articulate since it is a wonderful product with plenty of marketing.  But, let them find your products on your marketing dollar and not my dollar.  It just doesn't seem very loyal.  We went through this years ago with the Articulate logo on the Presenter player.  Even Articulate Online had custom links.  Has the almighty dollar swayed your marketing engine again?

I do not see Articulate having any drop in current or future sales by removing the logo, its link, and having a custom URL.

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Justin Grenier

Hey Keith, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Like many web apps that companies use day-to-day (think Salesforce, for example) we have our logo in the app. But it’s important to note that when you share a Review link with your clients, they’re not going to see anything besides a very small “A" logo in the top left corner. And of course they don’t receive any communication from Articulate directly other than Articulate Review email notifications.

Having said that, we'll certainly monitor customer sentiment on this, and please click here if you'd like to submit a more formal Feature Request to our team.  Thanks!


Thanks Justin, Articulates support is second to none! The small "a" that
you mention is not an issue, it's the link when someone clicks on the "a" as
well as the word Articulate in the URL link. I realize this does not affect
a majority of your customers, but I will have to refrain from using this
wonderful product for the short run. Thanks again for the quick response.


Jake Hurt


I would have to agree here, while it isn't a massive issue we would prefer if review were able to be customised with our company logo and if the link were able to have Articulate removed from it.

It's a fairly big ask but I know companies like to keep their production methods a secret from clients and competition so that those methodologies don't get stolen, or clients decide to do things themselves.

Review does kind of go "Hey check out what program I was made in!" :P



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Jake and Keith - this is one we have passed up to the Product team, so I know they're keeping an eye on this discussion and our general feature request form to determine the impact and priority for our customers. Since Articulate 360 is evolving every day, it's great to keep this type of feedback coming! 

Sam Lincoln

I understand the sentiments expressed so +1 from me. It could be argued that Articulate is providing the sofware and hosting/maintaining Articulate Review. And I can see the case for saying that Review is not an alternative to web hosting. However, the current standard subscription of $599 is high enough for us to seek some control over the work we produce.

Michael  Salvatore

Why is there the "PR" presenter logo on top left corner of published courses?? From what I recall, earlier versions of Presenter allowed you to remove the Articulate banner. I'm assuming the same should be true for the PR logo in published 360 courses. It is not bothering me; however, one of mu customers wants it removed. 

Leah Kruger

I realize this is an old thread, but on the same topic - is there a way to avoid or skip the marketing pop-up that is currently displaying on Articulate review links?

This is quite disruptive (and honestly not very professional feeling) for my very senior reviewers, especially since it appears regardless of whether you are logged in or not. Any advice?