360 Panorama pic

May 02, 2017


A teammate had an idea to take a 360 panoramic image and drop it into our course. Is this feature compatible with rise? 

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Allyncia Williams

Has Storyline or Rise made any new features or functionality to support the use of panorama or 360 images? 

I would like to have users pan a panorama image with hotspot, or possible button with state interactions without the cone effect happening when I place a panorama in Captivate 360 ready slide. 

Were you suggesting that I need to embed the image on a website separately then embed into Rise or Storyline? I still want to enjoy the ability to add interactions that trigger moving forward or how users engage the information of the course.

I see it's been some years so I'm thankful for any updates on Articulate's competitive functionality for panning panorama images and images created with 360 cam. 





Crystal Horn

Hello, Allyncia. We currently don't support 360º or panoramic images in Rise 360 or Storyline 360. If those images are hosted on the web (in YouTube, for example), you can embed them into either platform. You're right that you won't have the ability to add other interactive elements to the image, however.

We'll let you know if that's a feature we add in the future!