Accessibility Issue

My company has run into an issue that we wondered if anyone else had submitted a ticket/solution suggestion for. When we set the color of the course to our brand color, the buttons in the course (continue, process interaction start, etc.) are not accessible. Is there anything on the roadmap for button text to auto-adjust white/black for accessibility? Or the ability to manually change button text color? This is a major problem for us and causing us to have to decide between using certain functionality or using black as our accent color, which is less than ideal.

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Matthew Bibby

Rise's Accessibility Conformance Report says:

Rise 360 interface elements meet minimum contrast guidelines. Be sure to use a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 or higher for on-screen text so learners with low vision can read it. Here’s a helpful contrast checker to determine your contrast ratio.

So it meets minimum contrast guidelines... as long as you pick colours that meet the minimum contrast guidelines.