add groups to (a bundle of) Rise courses

Hi all,

I work for the Academy of an international company which is active in 44 countries. When a Rise course is ready, it has to be distributed over 44 countries. This means that the course is used as a template. Every country tweaks the course to specific needs and translates it. At the end, there are 44 copies of the original course.

Normally, in Storyline, we uploaded the source file of the original course in a learning environment for all the countries to download and work on. Now, in Rise, it looks like we have to make 44 copies and then assign all 44 key users seperately to all the different courses.

Now, there must be an easier way to do this, right? For example, is it possible to make a team of all key users and add this team to a course (instead of adding all 44 email addresses per course). And, since we launch a lot of courses the first time, is it possible to add teams as collaborators to a whole bundle of courses? Or a quick way to make 44 copies....?

Happy to hear any good suggestion!


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