Adding "Continue" button to Rise Quiz

Oct 24, 2018


I have a lesson that comes after a Quiz to wrap up the module and thank the student for participating.  However, there is no way to add a "Continue" button in a block for a quiz.

I do not want my students to be able to navigate freely using the sidebar, so I have that options set to "Closed."

Quizzes are considered "lessons" so why is there no option to add Block functionality?   This feature was just rolled out for all other lesson types just last week, so how did Quizzes miss the cut?

What are my options here?  I do see that others have asked the same question in the forums but I am on a tight delivery schedule and need to have this addressed ASAP.  I also see a workaround that someone offered using Storyline, but I do not want to go through that unless it is absolutely necessary.  

This feature should be in Rise.

Thank you.


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Adam Romano
Lance Crowe

"Good new Mr. Jones, we have solved your BMW challenge.  Turns out you need an engine and incredibly we got one for you.  Well, it's for a Yugo, but technically it's a car engine.  You will eventually get used to it.  Exciting, huh?  What, this proven BMW engine right over here?  Well, we can try that after we have exhausted all other options.  And by the way, before you drive, you must turn off your radio and not use the A/C.  It's just the steps for using a Yugo engine.  No, no, you're welcome."

Come on ... Rise up and find a way to do better with this.

This made my day, Lance!  The problem continues to be the problem.

Adam Romano

More than two years.  I am very disappointed.  Telling me to turn off basic functionality like the navigation bar is not a solution.  Captivate has better solutions than that. 

Our company moved to Articulate early this year and we love it, but seeing a feature this basic go completely ignored for two years is unacceptable.  16 licenses comes with a tremendous cost, and these issues need to be fixed.

Crystal Horn

Hi Rachelle. Thank you for sharing those images! Can you make sure you're previewing the entire course, and not just the quiz lesson? The continue button that gets added to a quiz when both navigation and sidebar are turned off in the settings won't appear in the lesson preview.

Let us know if you still don't see it.

Tim St. Clair
  • In my situation Most of the people who use the course have SMALL SCREENS (e.g. corporate desktops with resolutions of 1024x768 on IE11) or similarly sized lower-power TABLETS. Nobody uses phones.
  • Therefore the sidebar is initially displayed CLOSED. Many of our learners (mature to older age) report not even realising there is a menu, because they don't recognise the three-bar icon as meaningful.
  • Navigation is FREE.
  • Previous & Next buttons are disabled
  • Pages and sections generally have a big CONTINUE button or similar as the last item.

Once you get to a quiz, you have to know to open the menu, find then click the item after the quiz, then probably close the menu again to get enough room to view the next page.

Adding a setting on the quiz to add a Continue button would solve this and allow for consistent navigation across all situations.

Paul Bosky

Hi folks,

Has there been any update on this issue? I have a course where I would like the learner to be able to freely navigate the course, so turning off the Sidebar is not an option. Honestly I don't care that much whether the default Previous/Next buttons are there as I have the big blue ones after each lesson.

As it stands now, after taking the quiz there is no way for them to exit or move on to the next lesson beside closing the browser. The sidebar isn't even visible in the quiz, so that won't help them.

It seems fairly illogical to require developers to turn OFF navigation controls such as the Sidebar and the Previous/Next buttons for the whole course in order to add the Continue button on the Knowledge Check(s). Also, as others have said here, this Continue button is inconsistent with the rest of the navigation in the course, making it confusing for the learner. As is mentioned above, I would like to add the big blue Continue button just like I have for all of the other lessons/sections of the course.

Is there any timeline for resolving this issue?

Thanks much,


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paul. We don't have a timeline for modifying the quiz results page any further right now.

I want to make sure you're seeing what you're supposed to, however. If the sidebar menu is enabled, it should show to your learners during the quiz. If you preview just the quiz lesson, you won't see it. Preview the entire course, and it should be there. Here's a quick Peek to demo.

Paul Bosky

I see, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification and video, that does help.

I would still add my voice to those who have proposed that Continue buttons, similar to those that can be placed in other content areas, be available in Quizzes. This would allow for a consistent user experience throughout the course.

David Wolfe

Just updating the team at Articulate to let them know that their continued failure to add a very simple function continues to confound end users.  Here's a little correspondence I just received from another upset student who thinks that there is no way to continue after a quiz:

Thanks for responding back. There is no button at the bottom of the page to continue, like on the rest of the pages.

Hey Articulate team...DO YOU SEE THAT?  The quiz page doesn't have a "continue" button like the other pages!  

In other words.....99% of the course worked one way, and now this last 1% is different. This lack of consistency is jarring and confusing to end users and it's causing needless stress.

Please put block functionality and the ability to include a "CONTINUE" button in Rise Quizzes NOW.

Julie Warwick

I just read this whole 2+ year-long thread. I need an actual "Continue" button block after the quiz as well. The grey navigation is not what we are using in any other part of our course for navigation, so having it be the only option after a Quiz doesn't work for users.

Please prioritize this, Articulate!

Lance Crowe

4 PAGES of requests ... yet ... "Thank you for being a customer.  We value each of you.  This request will be forwarded to and prioritized by our developers.  In the meantime, here is some worthless option that makes you very unhappy.  Thank you again for contacting us."  2+ years .... NOTHING happening.

Sarah-Joy Brown-Somarriba

Yes Julie, exactly. This is obviously a problem for people for years. We
have articulated (see what I did there lol) exactly why the "solve" is not
viable. And for years the same response is given. I let my trial lapse as
well as for potentially our entire institution.

Julie Franke

I am adding my voice to this as well - the client wants a CONTINUE button block after the quiz like all the other lessons too - so this is going to be difficult to tell them that nothing can be done. It just seems to simple - cannot understand why it would take so long...over 2 years...quite disappointing...

Amy Lewis

Adding yet another voice to this desperately needed feature. The gray continue 'button'/bar appears at the bottom of the screen, but it is NOT VISIBLE unless you scroll, which nobody does, and I can't even edit the text to prompt users to scroll to click the button. Even more confusing, the quiz displays a 'Take Again' option even if you pass with 100%, leading users to think the course is broken and somehow they can't move on even though they passed. 

We need a MUCH clearer way to prompt users to continue, whether that is through the standard Continue block, allowing a custom button that we can link to the next topic, or by adding a 'Continue' option next to or in place of the 'Take Again' option. The current solution is so unintuitive it is unacceptable.

Julie Franke

I see that Lance has removed his comment below:

Reply to Adding "Continue" button to Rise Quiz
Lance Crowe replied:

Great news Articulate fans.  I was assured by the absolute top of Articulate that this issue will be resolved in approximately 2 weeks.  

It was refreshing to see leaders listen and step up to action.  Fingers crossed it works out.  I believe it will.

Does this mean this is not being resolved? I told my client it was being fixed in 2 weeks but am guessing this is not the case now. Can anyone comment?