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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Deliteful!  If you're using a multimedia > embed block, you can grab the YouTube embed link, and even choose your embed options not to include suggested videos at the end:

If you notice the actual embed code, this parameter determines whether or not related videos will be suggested at the end of the video:

  • rel=0 means related videos won't display
  • rel=1 means related videos will display (default)


If you have a downloaded video file instead of a web-hosted video, use the multimedia > video block.  You can upload it directly into Rise.  Change the placeholder video to something you have saved on your desktop:


Let me know if you need a hand with either technique!

Deliteful Quintana

Excellent!  This was so helpful.  Thank you for the walk-through.

One last question, I have a PDF I want the Learner to view in the middle of a lesson.  I was going to use the Button block because I like how it looks, but then I have to add the URL where the PDF is located.  I don't have a URL to link to.  Is there another way to add it, besides the attachment block.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Deliteful,

You could look at uploading your PDF to a web server and link to it from there. The button block can only link to a website, another lesson or an email address. You could also look at adding an Attachment block separately and use the Button to link there if you wanted to keep that type of setup? 

Morton Arboretum

Hi Crystal,

Has the user interface for this changed?  I do not see any options to customize how an embedded Youtube video displays other than "show metadata" and the general settings (ie. padding, background color, etc.)  I really like the idea of being able to block other suggested videos at the end and would like to know how to do this!  Thanks!

Allison LaMotte

Hi there again Morton,

The settings Crystal shared above are available in Youtube, not in Rise. However, it looks like Youtube may have gotten rid of the option to disable “show related videos.”

You can find YouTube’s settings for embedding video when you click on the Share link and select “Embed.”

Let me know if you any more questions!