Archive Source Files to Local Disk/Network

Mar 04, 2019


Is there a way to archive the Rise course source files, not just the associated media, to local disk for future access/revision if needed later?

Thank you,


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Kellie Mitchell

Hi Allison,

Just a bit more digging here …

Since stored in the cloud really means on a disk remotely so is there a way to divert those to an archive locally? Sorry to be so bullish but this is really an important issue to our learning group.

This would be an important feature request. One I'm sure many of us could use.

Thank you so much Allison!


Carl Fink

Reviving this. My department has a need to archive courses, so that (for one scenario) a different developer, working 3 years from now after I have left my current position, can retrieve the course and update it. Many other web applications do this, and it's weird that Rise doesn't.

And yes, I'm going to go directly from here to the feature request page.

Carl Fink

Thinking about it ... while not as good, having shareable folders that could be common among an entire team would be very useful in general. We're already using a corporate account for which we pay--it would cost you almost nothing to let us work collaboratively on projects without having to fiddle with individual permissions whenever someone goes on vacation or gets promoted.