Are Rise flashcards accessible?

The Roadmap for Rise currently states that Keyboard and screen reader users can now explore flashcard interactions but then it lists the feature as planned. Is that currently working or is it planned for the future?

Accessible Flashcards - Keyboard-only users and screen reader users can now explore flashcard interactions. - Planned

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Ihlman Education

Hello Renz, I'm happy to see that you are working on improving accessibility for Rise.

I wonder if there is a resource where I can see which blocks or interactions are accessible for screen readers and keyboard only users, or if I have to test them all by myself. It would be really helpful with a list so I don't add blocks and then have to change them again because they're not accessible.

Vanessa M

Hi Lea. I have the same question. I followed your link but can't easily figure this out. I have a list of what interactions are not yet accessible what what about a list of those we can start using? I'd appreciate your guidance.

Chino Navarro

Hi Vanessa, while we don't have a list of learning blocks that are fully accessible, you can use the Roadmap as a guide on which learning blocks to avoid as they are not accessible yet. Also, it depends on how you use and configure the learning blocks. For example, if you use an image block but don't add alternate text to it, it won't be accessible to some learners.  

Laura Biscaro Parrini

Hi! Let me add my voice to the request for a clear list of interactions that are not fully accessible in Rise. I have gone through the report you published and unfortunately I found it as difficult to understand as the WCAG guidelines are! So, please, when (I hope very soon) new features will become fully accessible, remind us clearly what is still pending. Full accessibility is compulsory! Thanks