Articulate Rise 360 Course Not Completing

Feb 10, 2022

Hello there! I've been noticing an issue when uploading some assessment style modules into our LMS (Schoox) where once the user gets to the end where it shows their score, once they close the window or click the Exit Course button, sometimes the quiz results are not reporting and/or the course is showing as Incomplete or Not Started.

I reached out to our LMS's support team and they advised that the SCORM file is not sending the LMS the exam score causing it to default in their reports, additionally it does not appear to be correctly set to marking the course completed even if the exam fails.

I've uploaded the SCORM file to SCORM Cloud for testing in an effort to determine whether the issue is on the LMS side, and the results show that it reporting as Incomplete even as my test results (30% Failed) are clearly visible. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

As for our settings, we have it set to the following:

  • Passing Score: 85%
  • Require Passing Score to Continue: Off
  • Tracking: Track using Quiz Result
  • Reporting: Passed/Failed
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