Can't publish a new version of an existing item

Jul 30, 2020

Every time I publish my Rise courses to 360, it creates new review links. I don't see any option to keep the same review links- the only option I have is to create a new item. This is a huge pain because I have to send out the new links and all old comments get wiped out. 

According to the web page at, I should be seeing "Publish a new version of an existing item," but I do not have that option (see screenshot.) 

Because I'm a course manager, I also don't see previous versions in 360, which means that if I do republish, I lose all comments. 


How can I fix this?

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David Murphy

I have the same issue, but I am an owner. Despite specifying that I'm publishing a new version of the existing module 3, for example, it will label it as "6" and then my client's comments are not present on the new version. 

This ruins the whole review workflow, and I have quite a few courses that have numerous modules. 

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi there, instead of creating a new post was hoping to add to this.  The last two weeks started a new RISE course and every time i go to publish to Review. it keeps defaulting to the "create new" radio button".  I have to constantly select the "existing radio button" then open the drop down and find my course.  It never did this before.  Not a big deal but so easy to generate a second link when you don't want to....

Janet Record

Hi, We are also having a problem publishing a new version of RISE courses as a new version of an existing item - the course we are working on does not appear in the dropdown list of courses at all.  This is a recent problem for us as we were always able to do this until the last week or so. Has something changed in the last update for RISE?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janet, our team would love to help!

Could you please share a screen recording that shows the existing item in Review 360 and what happens when you try to publish a new version of an existing item from your Rise 360 account? That would really help us to narrow down what's happening here.

You can either share the screen recording here in the community discussion, or you can open a case. Thanks! 

Janet Record

Hi Alyssa, 

I set up to make the recording this morning and I am happy to report that  RISE is now back to normal again and allowing me to publish a new version of an existing item so this issue seems to have resolved itself. Many thanks for your reply to this thread, it was causing us a big headache on Friday last week!


I am trying to publish a new version of an existing item.  The course I am working on does not appear in the dropdown list of courses at all.  This is a recent problem for me as I was always able to do this until the last month or so. Has something changed in the last update for RISE?

Strange because I published the first version in the Review Tool, but now cannot publish a second one to share the edits and corrections I have made.  I don't want to loose my comments - the SME's will not know whicxh comments were addressed and which are still open.

Major pain!  Please advise!

Teresa Vanderpost

Just to pipe in Crystal, I wonder if something over arching is happening with RISE and its publish options as today three times it default to create a new item even though it was clearly an existing item so had to remember to select the second radio button.  

Then also today, it suggested I create a new version of an existing item BUT the existing item it selected was a different module.  

I just moved things around but may be something bigger going on... :)


This is a constant problem with RISE in my system also. Please float a fix order to the top. Thanks.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi everyone! Here's a 1-minute video of what I'm seeing when I publish a Rise 360 course to Review 360 as the course owner.

If what I demonstrated in the video doesn't match what you're seeing, and you've verified that you are the course owner, can you please record a similar video to show us what's happening from your side? That would be helpful! 

Teresa Vanderpost

HI Alyssa, well by golly it happened, and I made a recording for you .

This is where you go to publish and it decides it will publish a new item, even though it is existing.  Then when I change to existing I have to go locate it otherwise it will publish over another one.  Obviously really random and not easy to recreate.  But I got one for you :) 

Cheers T

Teresa Vanderpost

Sorry for the delay Alyssa, yes, I am the course owner, and yes the next time it often works.  Today, I had an instance where it selected Create new, but when I went to change it to publish new version of existing, it actually had the right course selected in the list.  Again, very random.  Not a huge deal, but if you are trying to do it quickly could end up overriding a completely different course.


Teresa Vanderpost

Okay, so today, I think I see what is happening, if you look at the recording it actually didn't give me the two drop down items that usually show up when you select Review it just went straight to the screen.  Normally, you get "Publish a new version" or "Review in 360" , not sure if that is a big deal, as the Publish a new version takes you to the screen with the two radio buttons.  But anyway, But I did it a third time and it is now selecting the right option :)

But here is a glimpse of what it did for a good chunk of today. 

Chino Navarro

Hi Teresa. Thank you so much for the videos; it is really helpful. I tried publishing my Rise 360 course to Review 360 a couple of times today, and it has been selecting the right option (Publish a new version of an existing item) and the correct course to be updated. You mentioned that it is now working correctly as well on your side? I do hope the issue won't happen again but if it does, feel free to reach out to our support engineers for a closer look. You can reach them here