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Brenda Stutsky

Hi: The request for adding colour to the markers for a labeled graphic is going on 2 years now. Every single time I use a labeled graphic the image is a "form" and all forms are type on a white page - the markers are extremely difficult to see no matter what theme colour is used. Can you please change the markers so the theme colour is the background and the number or other identifier inside the marker is white (just flip the colours) - this would greatly help learners to see these markers, for on a white background you can't see the pulsing either.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for your feedback. I sense that you're frustrated that this feature hasn't been implemented and I totally get it. The waiting game is never easy! 

However, I want you to know that we're doing our very best to bring our users the features they want and need as quickly as possible.

We receive hundreds of feature requests every week, so prioritizing them is no small task and we take it very seriously. Here's an inside look at how that process works

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Ben Schmidt
Tamarah Hoffman

Adding to the frustration.  When you had a marker. My users are stating they can't see if they completed a marker.  Such as the difficult white maker, then have not having a visited state.  Is this in the pipeline?


If it is in the pipeline... it's a long one. This has been an ongoing request for over 2 years now.