Change bullet color in Rise

Jan 15, 2018

In Rise, when I change the color of text to white, the bullets remain black.  Is there a way to make the bullets the same color as text?

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John Freiberger

+1 here, too. I just had a reviewer ask why I didn't use a bulleted list in an overview section that uses white text on a blue background to separate itself from the rest of the content. I had to tell him it's a limitation of the authoring tool because I can't change the color of the bullets. :-(

Kevin Kameda

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the bullet will take on the color of the "accent color" you choose if you customize the theme in the setting on the main page of Rise.  I'm currently developing a Rise course and selected an accent color that is a shade of green that my company uses.  Every block I've added that has bullets utilizes that green.  


Kevin Kameda

Emily, you're quite right it will apply to all other places that accent color is used.  Historically, I have found that the accent color (assuming it's not egregious) is used sparingly throughout the project and does not impede it when changed for all items.  But to your point, you definitely want to stick to a theme for coloring and cannot change SOME bullet colors yet leave others.

Richard Barkey

Just hit this problem as well. As with so many other issues with Rise, all I can hear from Articulate, is crickets. Clearly the Articulate team feels that all these small niggly things are not a priority, and it's all 'good enough'. Not sure what kind of a CX you feel is acceptable, but I can feel a strategic review of our authoring approach coming on...

Mark Banit

Totally agree. The number of emails I get each week with +1's for basic requests that are multiple years old baffles my mind. Having some background in web development, I know that a lot of them would be pretty quick and easy to implement. Obviously they haven't hit the tipping point of where enough customers have left to warrant them spending the money to address these issues yet... but not sure we'll be sticking around long enough to find out.

Renee Pezzotta

This is SOOOO ridiculous. This is why I'm telling all the companies and clients I work with to switch to EVOLVE for authoring e-learning. Now that it's subscription based it's completely affordable. SHAME on Articulate for letting this SIMPLE fix drag on for more than THREE YEARS. 

Not being able to format bullets? REALLY?