Changing Font on course title and lesson title

Feb 21, 2019

I can't seem to find a way to change the font, color in particular, on the Course Title and Lesson Title. Is there a way to change them?


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Kevin Mahaney

And further disheartening that some very basic... and I mean BASIC needs and wants are continually ignored by their "team", while paying customers are met time and time again with, "Sorry. That's not a thing. But I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes!" Being overly cordial... repeatedly... for years... while absolutely nothing is addressed just screams "phony" and disingenuous. We don't need appeasement. We need simple and basic capabilities within Rise and Storyline, and Articulate in general. Don't even get me started on the problems with and amateur functionality of the Content Library. Our employees are getting tired of the constant workarounds and lack of meeting us halfway by the Articulate team. Again, I feel I must emphasize we're talking about BASIC design elements like the font color of course/lesson titles, or the "contrast" setting of cover photos not being able to be set at 0%, etc. Any initial excitement we had when trying out Rise and Storyline for the first time is LONG gone. And we're using other apps and options instead just to avoid the constant frustration. 

Maybe instead of the same canned BS responses, you might actually talk to us like adults and explain WHY decisions have been made to avoid changing these requested design choices. Instead of just keeping people on the hook for literal years hoping for said change... knowing full well that change isn't coming. You are honestly embarrassing yourselves with each thinly veiled response. 

Ajay Johnson

hi Renz is there any progress  on this? currently the course photo is also not editable. or cropable. Wed have to modify it endlessly on graphic design apps to ensure it doesn't clash with a title we cant control in alignment, text colour or size. HUGE accessibility barrier for the learners who require it the most.

I would suggest to have a more openly accessible canny page to show road map of development of the rise 360 product.