Changing the STEP Labels text in Process Carousel??

Sep 19, 2018

Greetings: How can I change the text of the labels in the Process Steps interactive carousel?

 I want to change them from “Step 1, Step 2, etc.”

 Can I get at the html? Or is there a quick way? Was not obvious.


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Edward Hoke

Hi - not trying to be mean, but how many requests does Articulate need before ya'll will change something affecting many?

Same with sourced graphics not centering in Rise blocks, and other items?

How many? 500,000? 1,000,000??

I get updates every week almost - to the point of my IT department going nuts - yet these valuable features are never addressed. This is ABSURD!

Please run this up the flagpole to the decision makers and get these things done. Please??

Thank you, Ed

Karen Davis

Please don't taunt the community moderators, Edward.  It's super unprofessional, and they have zero control over the features Articulate decides to implement.

The feature you're asking for is a good idea, so if you don't like what Rise has to offer, vote with your wallet and use a better product.  Is there one?

Edward Hoke

Hi: I believe what is unprofessional is not replying, addressing the community with, "Indeed we have gotten myriad requests for XXX and it is a feature we expect to include by xxx release." or having anything more to say than, "Send in a feature request". Of course I know Moderators do not develop the products and typically are incredibly helpful. But I sincerely appreciate your reply. My team will be evaluating what Adobe offers in November this year, so yes there may be something else. Thank you.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi folks. We don't have plans to remove the step label from the process block right now, but we'll continue to track requests and update this discussion if anything changes.

Edward, you're right; other folks have added their support for your request. We track every request and evaluate them alongside our queue of bug fixes, new features already on the roadmap, and other projects. You're in the right place to be updated!

Michael O'Sullivan

Of course not getting the features that you want/need is frustrating and I would also like the step label addressed.

It's only a personal view - but as someone who has migrated away from Adobe fairly recently because of the complete (in my case) lack of relevant, and sometimes non-existent support - I would be careful what you wish for...

Edward Hoke

Thank you Alyssa. I apologize for not being as supportive as I should. Your Team does a nice job and you do the best you can with what you are given. Keeping us in the loop with an answer as you just provided is not unreasonable when myriad folks have been requesting something, so at least I know now. Maybe 2021? Hopefully I can go to a baseball game by then. Stay safe. 

2Training Loan

Adobe is cooking up some amazing stuff. Heard that from one that has seen an early demo.
But i also would like to say, Rise only has a few years under its belt. Captivate has decades.
So feature wise it has room to grow a lot and the support here listens.
Rise has indeed made its mark on what easy of use is in e-learning today.