Completing time

Jun 30, 2022



I'm trying to estimate how long it takes for a student to complete a course.

I'd like to write this time at the beggining of the course.

Do you have any idea?



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Cary Glenn

It really depends on the content, the learners, and the interactions. 

How complex is the content? Is it a fairly straight forward topic like a new workplace policy or procedure? Or is it a complicated topic like coding blockchain?
What is the reading level? I've had some SMEs insist that their writing can not be changed and their writing was more complicated than an insurance policy.
Are their videos to watch?

Who are the learners? Are they going to struggle reading and comprehending the text or do they have advanced degrees? What other challenges might the learners face?

How many interactive blocks are there? Are you including more complex Storyline interactions?

That said for reading and comprehension my rule of thumb is that people read between 100 and 200 words per minute. The lower number is for people who may read slower or it is complex content that needs to be read more carefully for understanding. The higher number for people who read faster and the material is rather straightforward.