Configuring a Video made with Quicktime on Mac?

May 27, 2021

Hi all,

I just designed an instructional video I want to include in a course.

I just imported it on my Mac and notice a few issues: 1. Sound is very faint, and 2. The text appears to small.

Is there a way to configure this in Rise or another App within Articulate or would I have to use another application?

Please advise.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Dan! 

First, you mentioned the sound is very faint in your video. Is the sound faint when you play the video from your local hard drive, or does the volume go down only after uploading it to Rise 360? Also, try inserting a new video block and play the default video that appears. How does the volume of the default video compare to the video you uploaded?

You also mentioned the text in the video is small. Try adjusting the video size to Full Width in the block settings, and let me know if that makes a difference!

Dan Gladstone

Thanks Alyssa,

The volume is fine now after resetting my headphones and volume.

Regarding the Text, it is set to full width and still remains an issue - too small to read.  The Text in the video is within a Mail message window.  Not sure, if that would make a difference?  Also the features on the message window are also too small to read. Maybe there is a way to enlarge the image?

Please advise.




Dan Gladstone

Hi again Alyssa,

I did resize it as you suggested. The text is still too small within the Video block, however, if I go into full screen mode it's perfect.  And I did set it to full width.

I'm wondering if I need to configure this further  OR  will the learner assume to go into Full screen mode when viewing this?