Continue Block Not Working After Scenario

Jul 22, 2020

Hi - I built a course in Rise dividing content of the course using Continue Blocks. All such blocks require the learner to complete the blocks above before continuing. This worked with other blocks in the course (e.g. video, accordion and process blocks), but not the Scenario block; that is, the learner was unable to proceed in the course even though he went through the scenario and answered all the questions. 

Am I missing something? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. 



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Tom Kuhlmann

The scenario block gets to an end point and the end point has a continue button. If they don't click the continue button the block doesn't unlock.

Here's how it should work, let us know if that's not how it's working.

Crystal Horn

Cathy, we also have an issue where the End Scenario option for the last dialogue item isn't initially unlocking the continue block. As a workaround, please toggle from End Scenario to another item, and then back to End Scenario. I'll post an update here when we release a fix.

Let me know if that doesn't help!