Copy or duplicate a section/item of a block to reduce formatting task

Nov 21, 2019

I'm using the Accordion block. As I add a new element/item in accordions (or even cells in tables, item in tabs, a card in flip cards), it seems that it does not copy the previous section/item styling. Would it be possible to add a duplicate button to the section/elements of blocks so that we don't need to format or style each section/item?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Arthur. It sounds like you need a solution to keep your formatting consistent within (and perhaps across) your blocks.

I'll share your experience with my team, and we'll let you know if we make any changes that can help. In the meantime, you could use block templates to create a placeholder block styled the way you need, and swap out the content any time you need to use it.

Thanks for sharing!

Caron Pruiett

I'm wondering if there has been any update to this, or if I can add a feature request (or three)? I create a table in one tab and i would really just like to copy it to another tab within the same block or in another block. A block template is great but you still have to go through the whole (tedious) process of creating and formatting the tables over and over.

I have found several times that I would just like to be able to duplicate an existing tab and modify it within the tabs section, including attachments. Or be able to create template tables and insert them into blocks already formatted (perhaps filled in too). 

being able to copy data from an excel table into the Rise table all at once rather than cell by cell would be nice, and if i could copy formatting (cell color, font color/bolding) that would save me a ton of time. recreating the tables rather than inserting images gives me the chance to type around them AND insert an image, but the manual process is killing me.

Lea Agato

Hi Caron! Thank you for letting us know how we can improve authoring in Rise. We always appreciate hearing suggestions from our Rise 360 users! 

I've tried copying an excel table into a Rise text block, and I was able to retain the formatting. Let me know if this helps! 

As for your other items, I've submitted them as feature requests, and we'll let you know here if we make changes that will help!