Course name not available in LRS using xAPI

Aug 11, 2022

I have a Rise course embedded in my LMS (Learnupon) using xAPI, and my LMS is configured to forward all xAPI statements to an LRS.

However, in  the LRS, I only see the Identifier for my course, not the course name (see excerpt below).


"object": {
"id": "http://BTOU9-J_LmHrlsWMoZcBx6LD4lA9ra2W_rise",
"objectType": "Activity",
"definition": {
"type": ""
}, ...

I see that the course name is present in the tincan.xml file, but according to my LMS provider, they don't receive the course name in the xAPI statements and it is not their responsibility to associate the two things together when forwarding to an LRS.  So my question is, does Rise really not send the name of the course in the object, and is there a way to configure this?  I guess I could change the ID when I publish the course but then I'd need to be very careful about making each course name unique and this doesn't work so well with different versions of courses with the same title.  I expected to have an autogenerated ID but also find a readable "name" element within the definition that contains the course name.  It's quite pointless having an LRS if I cannot associate it easily with a particular course.  Has anyone else experienced this and are there good ways to overcome this, please?



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Kelly Auner

Hi, Shannon!

I'm happy to jump in to try and help you out here. Since the course title isn't sent in the xAPI statements, you can change the pre-generated identifier during the export. Note that if you alter the pre-generated identifier, don't use special characters. For versioning, just add a numeric suffix for the title you're going to be typing on the identifier.

Here's a thread on changing the identifier that may be helpful:

If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out here or privately in a support case!