Unique lesson Code/Identifier


I am publishing a Rise course to my LMS. I have exported it as a SCORM 1.2 file. When I upload it into my LMS it says that the lesson code has been used before. I think that the issue is that I have duplicated the Rise course and then modified it to create a new course. Is there a way to change the lesson code in the html of the zip file so that when i upload it the lesson code is unique.

Thanks for your help.

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Stuart Marshall

Hi - The identifier for all Rise courses appears to be 'r1'. Perhaps there should be an option in the course settings to edit this (the option is there in Storyline). It doesn't appear to be an issue for most LMSs though. I've certainly never had any issues.

If you do want to add your own identifier to get around this issue then you'll find it in the imsmanifest.xml file. If you extract the zip on your desktop you'd be able to edit the identifier there. Note there are 2 places you would need to change it:

<item identifier="i1" identifierref="r1" isvisible="true">


<resource identifier="r1" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormtype="sco" href="scormdriver/indexAPI.html">

If you change each "r1" in these lines to something else (both the same) then it should work for you. You'd just need to re-zip all of your files and then add to your LMS. Note though that you would obviously need to repeat this if you export an update to the module.

Aleksandra Mironchik

Hi Ashley! 

I've just come across the same issue and it doesn't seem to be fixed because I just exported a new course and it turned out to have the same identifier as my previous one. So the workaround explained by Stuart Marshall above is still up to date. It makes sense though to change not only r1 but "organisation id" as well. 

Are you going to fix that?