Creating a Quiz in Rise

Hi, btw am a first using Rise and has been some years since I used storyline which I really liked.

I'm wondering is there a way though to extract data to measure both completion rate and results after a user has attempted a quiz.

I am in the throes of building an online course with a very tight deadline, so a quick response to help me with this would be great! For each lesson the learner will need to answer the quiz questions. I will then need to report back on the number of users who completed it and the results.

I also want to know is there alternative to the types/formats of quizzes in rise- i.e. is their a multiple choice type quiz available etc. (I'm interested in different formats as well - a bit like what's available in storyline)

I'd really appreciate some guidance with this. Btw I am first time Rise user.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Odette, and welcome to Heroes! Glad to hear you're checking out Rise. ☺️

How do you plan to deliver the Rise course to your learners? Are you going to use a learning management system (LMS)? If so, you can have access to all kinds of reporting and tracking data, including who took the course and how each learner scored on the quiz. 

Rise does have a multiple choice quiz type, and we're looking at adding other question types in the future. I don't have a timeline for when those will be released just yet, but you're in the right place to stay up to date on new features!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tonie

Not sure without knowing the setup.  - is the course being loaded into an LMS or just onto the Web. You could bring both lessons back to a 'conclusion lesson' and exit them both that way.

This KB article may help and this post may give you some ideas - also Tom Kulhmann recently posted something about branching in Rise but I can't find it atm

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tonie

depends how you are sharing the course with learners - see this KB article


This section under Exporting for LMS

4. Select a Tracking option (completion percentage, quiz result, or Storyline block) and decide if you want to display an Exit Course Link for learners. (If you're tracking by course completion or a quiz result and exporting a SCORM or AICC package, you also get to choose a reporting option.)

Tonie Miller


I got it! If I am branching within the course, I need to select tracking using quiz results because the learners will not take all parts of the course. However, when I select this, I have to select one of the quizzes and depending on the branch they take, they will take one of two quizzes. I don't see any other options.



Tonie Miller


Since the tracking only allows for one quiz, I assume I need to duplicate the course and add a link to the quiz in duplicated material in order to overcome the issue of only being able to select one of the quizzes when exporting to an LMS, however will the LMS still be able to access the second course material and how will calculations work in the copied course? - Do I change the settings to 100% course completion?

When I added the url to the duplicated course, after the quiz, the second branch just stalls and does not move to the summary slide.